Nothing ever has a good outcome if it’s forced or not genuine

The Instagram platform has no shortage of creative designers and creators, so much so that it is increasingly difficult to stand out of the pack. At @launchdsigns we pride ourselves on curating the best and most creative digital arts, @truthbynature is a refreshing shot of talent and originality that inspires his thousands of followers. We are pleased to offer you an insight into the mind and the method of @truthbynature and hope maybe you can learn and be inspired by his beautiful digital art.

How long have you been using Adobe Photoshop to edit? 

I first started using Photoshop in the late 1990s. I believe it was Photoshop 4.0. It started out as curiousity, just playing around with it and familiarizing myself with it. Since then, I’d use Photoshop on and off (about 20 years), creating anything that was needed for school projects or for work related material. Basic stuff.

How did you get into digital arts?

It wasn’t until I got on Instagram in October 2017 that I started creating the edits that I do today. I started my IG account as a basic photography account but it wasn’t long until I started noticing the amazing edits others were creating. This was the catalyst that inspired me to change my Photoshop game.

I had learned most of Photoshop through my 20 years of on and off practice, but I never would’ve thought of creating the edits that you see now on my page if it wasn’t for IG. That’s how I got into digital arts.

What inspires you to create?

I’ve always had a passion to create. There are joy and passion that comes from creating something, a feeling or emotion, and sharing it with the rest of the world. I’ve created music, tried some painting, went into photography, and now digital art. These ventures were all also therapeutic outlets for me. I always felt that these creations filled a void that I had in me, and to see that void being filled into something that I can see and hear… it was just very profound for me.

Who are some of the creative artists on Instagram that inspires you?

Ohh there are a lot, and to list a few would be unfair for others.

With Instagram being so saturated with talent right now, how are you able to stay unique and fresh? 

Just be yourself. Digital art, like any other art, is a form of expression. Create something from your own experiences, whether it’s from movies, books, music, or reality. When an experience stands out, it’s the emotion of that experience that speaks to us. That’s what I try to portray into some of my edits, the emotion or vibe of a situation.
I also avoid creating edits that seem to be so common on IG.

How do you educate yourself and keep learning? 

I have a great passion for what I do. I guess when you have that, educating yourself continuously comes naturally. I also try to challenge myself with my edits. I sometimes specifically look for stock photos with certain lighting so that the blending and shadows would be harder to work on. That’s why some edits look far superior than others. It’s not really about perfection either. Perfection is never attainable, but chasing perfection will help you catch excellence. Excellence in educating and excelling yourself with your skills.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started editing using Photoshop? 

I’ve never really thought about this. The only thing that comes to mind is that I wish I had started sooner.

Do you use Adobe Lightroom? If so for what specific purpose?

I do not. I use Adobe’s Camera Raw Filter (ACR), which is literally the same thing. After creating my edit, I open it up in ACR for some final tune-ups on lighting and color grading.

Take us through your workflow from beginning a project to posting it on Instagram?

It starts on I browse stock photos, brainstorming to see what I can create with the images in front of me. Once an idea is established, I look for other stock images that I’d need for my edit. This process can take up to 1 or 2 hours. Once I have my images, I begin the editing process and when I’m finished I email it to myself to open up in my phone. I open the image in Snapseed for further lighting adjustments since the image always looks different on mobile than on the monitor. If certain objects need fine tuning after looking at the image on my phone, then I go back to my PC and make the adjustments. I normally have 2 or 3 revisions like this until I’m finally happy with the outcome.

What do you hope to achieve from posting on Instagram? Are you just posting for the fun of editing or are you hoping to use your Instagram gallery as a portfolio for bigger opportunities?

It started out for fun, to just express myself. But as my account grew, I slowly started to see the potential for bigger opportunities. I would love for this to be a full-time job given the opportunity.

I know from experience that photoshop files many layers can take up lots of space on a computers hard drive, How do you back up your original work?

I have 3 separate hard disks on my computer. One of them is solely used for backup.

How important is getting likes and comments vs just posting as an artistic expression? 

Posting as an artistic expression is far superior to anything else because with that comes the likes and comments organically. Let everything come to you naturally. Nothing ever has a good outcome if it is forced or not genuine.

If there wasn’t an Instagram, where would you showcase your work?

I probably would not have evolved my skills in Photoshop and doing these edits if it weren’t for Instagram and its artists.

Have you gotten any financial opportunities because of Instagram?

I do commission work here and there. I also sell my copyrighted edits through Zedge Premium as mobile wallpapers.

Do you think that Instagram has helped or hurt digital artists?

It has definitely helped me a lot. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if it wasn’t for Instagram and its help with exposure.

What State/Country do you live in?

I live in Los Angeles, California.

Is there anything else that you would like your followers to know about you? 

Stay true to yourself and your art. It is not a competition. Stay unique, be humble, be kind. I’d also like to thank ALL of my followers for their continued support. It has truly been a humbling and amazing experience for me this year.