I don’t see myself as an artist but I love when others call me an artist.

There are so many creative individual artists on Instagram, that sometimes they can easily be overlooked. This week we’ll like to place the spotlight on yet another creative master, @swissgo4design. Though it may seem that he just came on the scene, he’s, been on @instagram since late 2017. at @launchdsigns, we appreciate his creativity and rapidly evolving editing skills and we’re honored to feature @swissgo4design on this weeks ‘The Creative Ones.’

How long have you been using Adobe Photoshop to edit?

2 years

How did you get into digital arts?

I wanted to improve my editing skills for my web design job. To reach that goal I challenged myself by making an edit every day and post it on Instagram.

What inspires you to create?

I go to photography pages like unsplash.com and pexel.com and scroll through their photos. Pretty often an idea comes into my head of what I could do with images.

Who are some of the creative artists on Instagram that inspires you?

That changes a lot. But if I had to name one it would be @photified

With Instagram being so saturated with talent right now, how are you able to stay unique and fresh?

I never got to the point where I have a lack of ideas. There is always something in my head that I want to create.

How do you educate yourself and keep learning?

Tutorials on YouTube and by playing around with various Photoshop features.

In your opinion, what makes a good photoshop composite?

It must have a “wow” effect. But it’s very hard to describe it.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started editing using Photoshop?

It’s like learning a language, it’s hard at the beginning and gets interesting and joyful with the time.

Do you use Adobe Lightroom? If so for what specific purpose?

I never use Lightroom. I finish my edits with the camera raw filter.

What do you hope to achieve from posting on instagram? Are you just posting for the fun of editing or are you hoping to use your instagram gallery as a portfolio for bigger opportunities?

Im just doing it for fun. Having said this, I like to make contact with any kind of people like art directors, marketing companies or others for any kind of opportunities. In fact I already got contacted from Instagram stars, famous models and actors like @kingbach, @twan, @rudybundini and many more and made edits for them.

I know from experience that photoshop files many layers can take up lots of space on a computers hard drive, How do you back up your original work?

I put them on a cloud service.

How important is getting likes and comments vs just posting as an artistic expression?

I don’t see me as an artist because I don’t really know what an artist is. But I love when others call me an artist.

Everything I do is an expression of myself and when I got likes and comments I appreciate it.

Likes influences me as any applause does, even if I don’t want it to happen.

If there wasn’t an Instagram, where would you showcase your work?

Pinterest? Maybe.

Have you gotten any financial opportunities because of Instagram?

Yes I got some orders.

Do you think that instagram has helped or hurt digital artists?

I think it helped as everybody can showcase his or her work and get discovered.

What State/Country do you live in?


Is there anything else that you would like your followers to know about you?

Yeah – visit my website https://swiss.go4design.ch/en/ and if you have any questions just contact me!