Herri has perfected the ‘Edge of The World’ effect in Photoshop

Instagram is an awesome place to showcase your Photoshop art, but it’s also a very brutal place. When you post something that’s subpar, the IG community will let you know. In a previous post, I mentioned that I have a list of the top five digital artists on Instagram @nak_bali_ is definitely on that list for sheer consistency in his amazing creatives. Herri is one of the first artists on Instagram to perfect, what I call “The Edge of The World” type effect. He also does some amazing edits with birds and other animals. I am pleased to present this amazing Photoshop digital artist @nak_bali_ as an awesome addition to The Creative Ones.

How long have you been using Adobe Photoshop to edit?

Almost 5 years maybe.

How did you get into digital arts?

When I first tried to edit in Photoshop, it was just for fun, I started with photos of my daughter to make them look different than the original photos. And then I started to enjoy editing in Photoshop.

What inspires you to create?

I get inspiration from the amazing artworks on deviantart.com

Who are some of the creative artists on Instagram that inspires you?

Many people inspire my artworks, such as @erik.joh, @eye.c and many more.

With Instagram being so saturated with talent right now, how are you able to stay unique and fresh

I always keep looking for new fresh ideas to create something different.

How do you educate yourself and keep learning?

I am always learning to make my artworks better. I always search for tutorials online or YouTube. I never stop learning.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started editing using Photoshop?

First thing is how to change an image background.

Do you use Adobe Lightroom? If so for what specific purpose?

Yes, I do use Adobe Lightroom for color toning.

Take us through your workflow from beginning a project to posting it on Instagram?

I usually start by browsing the stock images from Unsplash, Pixabay etc and download couple images that I think can be used for the artworks. Then I come up with an idea. Then I try to draw the idea in Photoshop. But sometimes the idea comes first then I search for the stock photos.

What do you hope to achieve from posting on Instagram? Are you just posting for the fun of editing or are you hoping to use your Instagram gallery as a portfolio for bigger opportunities?

First of all, I just posted what I love to post and just for fun. But my Instagram is my portfolio too, and I have gotten lots of work opportunities from posting there.

I know from experience that photoshop files many layers can take up lots of space on a computers hard drive, How do you back up your original work?

I just upgrade my computer hard disk to back up the PSD files.

How important is getting likes and comments vs just posting as an artistic expression?

Likes and comments on Instagram is not everything for me, I just post what I love. I don’t want to be depressed because of the number of likes and comments

If there wasn’t an Instagram, where would you showcase your work?

I only post my artwork on Instagram, no other platform is better than instagram

Have you gotten any financial opportunities because of Instagram?

Yes, I have, I have worked with some watch brands, I have also made a couple of album covers for artists all around the world.

Do you think that instagram has helped or hurt digital artists?

Instagram has really helped artists to showcase their artworks to the rest of the world

What State/Country do you live in?

I live in Bali Indonesia

Is there anything else that you would like your followers to know about you?

Nothing special about me, I just wanna share some tips to help other artists. I usually use Adobe Photoshop CS4 to do my edits.