Self-taught Photoshop master finds inspiration everywhere

Ever seen one of those science fiction movies that take place in some kind of post-apocalyptic universe — where the landscape is breathtaking, gothic, beautiful and so unique at the same time? This is the amazing Photoshop edits that @mirekis7 creates, his editing skills are incredible and the blending of colors on his images are nothing but top notch.

We are proud to bring you this talented artist with another unique take on digital art.

How long have you been using Adobe Photoshop to edit?

About 10 years ago, it was Photoshop 2

How did you get into digital arts?

I started by painting on canvas, then I became interested in the digital arts, that inspired me very much to do photoshop edits.

I thought it worth trying this art field.

What inspires you to create?

My artistic soul, I always felt the need to express myself. I am inspired by what surrounds me, the whole world. I think I have a different sensitivity and perception than other people and I can see inspiration everywhere.

Who are some of the creative artists on Instagram that inspires you?

I reach for inspiration more in the direction of surrealist painting, if we look closer to the roots we have more creative possibilities.

With Instagram being so saturated with talent right now, how are you able to stay unique and fresh?

Just do not look at others, create what we have in our hearts, each heart beats with its rhythm and that makes us unique.

How do you educate yourself and keep learning?

I am self-taught, all methods of photomontage I invented myself. I do not watch tutorials or read books about photo manipulation.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started editing using Photoshop?

How important Working at the correct, high resolution and the right image quality

Do you use Adobe Lightroom? If so for what specific purpose?

I don’t use it

Take us through your workflow from beginning a project to posting it on Instagram? 

This is an individual matter for each of the works. But the scheme is more or less similar, I start with the choice of location,  I am looking for the best example of a mountain landscape, then I define the atmosphere of work and I choose photos in a similar climate. 

I check various configurations and combinations of these photos and choose the best, 

the vision itself is created in the course and usually significantly deviates from the initial idea. 

I usually use my own photos for manipulation, but I use also stock photos. It makes work easier so I also use them.

What do you hope to achieve from posting on instagram? Are you just posting for the fun of editing or are you hoping to use your instagram gallery as a portfolio for bigger opportunities?

Instagram allows us to reach a very wide audience, It allows you to establish cooperation and knowledge with people of art from around the world.

It gives every artist a chance for global promotions.

How important is getting likes and comments vs just posting as an artistic expression?

I think it is very important for the artist. It builds me, and gives me motivation to work.

If there wasn’t an Instagram, where would you showcase your work?

I would like to show my work in art galleries all over the world.

Have you gotten any financial opportunities because of Instagram? 

No, I had a few suggestions, but I rejected all of them.

Do you think that instagram has helped or hurt digital artists?

I think that both are true, firstly, its a great portal for the promotion of artists with a global reach, and on the other hand, conceptual artists are copied by people who consider themselves artists.

What State/Country do you live in?

I live in Stalowa Wola, it is a city in South-Eastern Poland.

Is there anything else that you would like your followers to know about you?

I would like to thank everyone for their support, comments and good words.