BEHIND-THE-VIEWFINDERWhen I first joined Instagram a few years ago, I was scanning through the list on the suggested user page, and came across a user called David Ndirangu (Instagram name @davideandr3), I have to admit that I was fascinated when I saw that he lived in Kenya, but after scrolling through his gallery I was hugely impressed with his photography chops and became a follower that very day.

This talented photographer shows a side of Kenya that we here in the U.S. may not see regularly, he loves playing with shadows and highlights and his editing skills are top notch. Thats the reason why he is a contributor to this website and I consider one of my personal friends.

Whats your style of photography, what type of images do you identify with most.

I believe myself to be more of an outdoor photographer with an eye for anything architecture.

Which photographers influenced you.

First it started out with Mutua Matheka aka @truthslinger on IG who influenced me to take on Photography.

What technology (camera/software) do you use most?

I really love to shoot with my phone ( Sony Xperia Z1 ), edit apps Snapseed & VscoCam with occasional use of a Canon 5D Mark III.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures 

Just the passion to create art motivates me enough to keep on shooting.

Which is your favorite lens? Why?

Nikkor 35mm 1.4g Lens . Bokeh is the reason .

What camera gear do you wish you had? Why?

Nikon D4s . Lens ; 85mm 1.4



How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I usually check other photographers work/portfolios, and on my own try to figure out how they do it.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

I wish I was told to never lose my gear. No matter what.

What makes the good picture stand out from the average?

Timing. Shoot when others aren’t.