This week on Behind the Viewfinder, I bring you a radical photographer with a name to suit his photos, Chris Negron or suicidalshotz on Instagram has some amazing shots that will make you do a double-take and make you say to yourself “why my photos don’t look like that.”

I am a big fan of this brothers work and proud to give you some insight as to how he do what he does.

Whats your style of photography, what type of images do you identify with most. 

I honestley dont consider myself to have a style i just shoot everything anything that catches my eye.

Which photographers influenced you. 

Instagram users: @trashhand, @black_soap, @on__amission and @hi_tola

What technology (camera/software) do you use most? 

The camera I use is a Canon t3i and the software I use are Lightroom 5 and VSCO on my phone.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures.

What motivates me to continue taking pictures are my followers and my close friends that continue to show me support.

Which is your favorite lens? 

My choice of lens are my Sigma 18-200mm and my Canon 50mm.

What camera gear do you wish you had? Why? 

The camera gear that I wish I had is a Canon 6D because of its features.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I educate myself by going out everyday weather its sunny or raining and just shoot also youtube videos.

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why? 

I like all my work I feel like if you take a picture it cant be bad because thats what you saw at that moment.




What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

How much I was going to enjoy it.

What makes the good picture stand out from the average?

Theres no such thing as a good or an average picture it all depends on the eye of the photographer.

Where are you from, where do you live.

I am from Miami Florida and currently living in Miami.

Make sure to check out Chris’s Instagram feed at @suicidal.shotz