Launch Dsigns

Our primary Instagram account to that features the best and most creative Photoshop composites and all around creative images.

The Universal Art

The second account that features next level digital art. We feature less frequently however, focusing more on the quality of content.

Xceptional Edits

Our newest and rapidly growing account featuring outstanding edits by some of the best and many lesser known digital artists.

Last Blog Post

It’s always great to see new and varying styles of Photoshop editing and composites on Instagram, it keeps the platform fresh and keeps digital artists like myself, engaged and coming back for more.

Vanessa (@the_life_of_aivax) has an absolutely unique and playful gallery, that to me, captures what being a kid is supposed to be like, its fun, carefree and imaginative. Everyone that we feature on ‘The Creative Ones’ must have a unique and inspiring Instagram gallery and @the_life_of_aivax has definitely achieved that. Read More


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